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Space themed cat warriors? Yes of course!

This art piece as it is based on two Bali stress cats who are now living together and are no longer on the streets (more like the king and queen of Bali). Smeagol was found trapped in a shop during covid lockdown, very skinny and very frightened. Tom, as the gentleman he is, used to come over every day to make sure Smeagol is ok. Tom became sick and was diagnosed with FIP and predicted to have 2 weeks left to live.

Devastation turned to relentless googling, FIP support groups and then an overnight courier carrying a vile of precious liquid called GS-441524 to save Toms life. It was a long process but Tom is recovered and the first known cat in Bali to be treated for FIP. He is a strong cat with an incredible team behind him! 

This is a high quality ink jet print on premium 300gsm satin finish paper. Available in A5, A4, A3 and A2 sizes. 


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