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CUSTOM ART Gift Voucher

CUSTOM ART Gift Voucher

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This personalised gift option is perfect for anyone who cherishes a current or past furry companion. With a gift voucher, the recipient gains the freedom to handpick the images that serve as inspiration and specify unique design details before the artwork is brought to life. Priced at $120 AUS, the voucher covers a premium A5 or A4 size inkjet print, along with postage. Additionally, a high-resolution digital file is included, delivered straight to the provided email address.

Upon purchase, you will receive a digital PDF gift voucher, offering you the flexibility to either forward it digitally or print it out for your special someone to enjoy. The recipient can infuse their personality into the artwork by requesting a particular colour scheme or opting for a whimsical scenario e.g their cat cruising on a Harley Davidson or their sophisticated pup sporting a monocle.

if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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